For all those things worth waiting for.

Imagine an app where you can:

  • Create a holiday timer and share it with all your family and friends…

  • Help coordinate your team for deadlines…

  • Set the expectation for your next birthday bash…

  • Keep track of what you need to do based on the amount of time available to do it…

  • Plan ahead for your big wedding day…

  • Coordinate your best friend’s next big event…

…with Waytte, you can!

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Waytte is an app that allows you to track the time remaining for important events in your life while sharing the expectation with the people you care about. Jump into the fully custom designed UI and start managing your time better with this productivity tool designed for people of all ages.

Waytte has been carefully designed and crafted with the following features in mind:

  • Create one off, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly repeating timers.

  • Select from a carefully curated list of over 30 categories, including: vacations, travel, family, birthdays and many more.

  • Have a quick glance at how much time is left for your deadlines, both in a broad overview or detailed to the second.

  • Share your timers with family and friends, nobody will be able to say they didn’t know how much time they had left until the date!

  • No limits to the amount of people you can share with.

  • Share timers through Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook, Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger and many other social media platforms!

  • Get reminders when you’re closing in on your deadlines so that you can be better prepared for them.

  • Write a notification message for when your timer fires, you and all friends will be able to read any last minute reminders related to the event!

  • Create unlimited countdown timers when upgrading to the plus version.

  • Automatic syncing with iCloud, all your timers will sync automatically with all your devices.

  • No login or third party account is necessary to start, just jump in and start counting down time!

  • No ads, just a straight up productivity tool.

As the old proverb goes: "Good things come to those who Waytte!"

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