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The Shakespearean Insult Generator


Insult thy friends and foes alike - Shakespearean style! 


Borrow from the bard and unleash over 3.5 million fresh and fierce insults to impress and confuse. (And man, he was MEAN!) The random generator in our app ensures every insult is completely unique, so keep your friends guessing on how you keep em' coming!


Never struggle for comebacks again! Win those banter battles! ...Or alternatively have a laugh with your friends over coffee. (Or whatever is the beverage of your choice. We’re not biased.)


Save your favourite insults to memorise later, you can also highlight your top insults from this list


Includes real insults taken straight from the works of Shakespeare. That’s right - you can now reference your insults!


You can even share insults on social media - so there’s no escape from your cruel wit!


We’ve even provided you with handy definitions of interesting and unusual words so you can smugly show off your expanding lexicon

Still sitting on the fence? 
Here's a sample of some hilarious insults generated by Shrewd!

"Your goatish sheath is the greatest thing about ye."

"Peace, you wrangling boar-pig!"

 "I am sick when I do look on thou, ye unwash'd baboon."

S 3.png
S 1.png
S 5.png
S 2.png

So what are you waiting for? Get insulting with style using the world's most beautifully designed burn generator, you lubberly scoundrel!

Download Shrewd! now for iPhone or iPad.

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