The smarter scuba dive log you can't lose

Welcome to Breathe

Breathe is an innovative digital scuba dive log set to revolutionise the world of 

scuba diving. Gone are the days when you need to carry around a paper log book to log

 your dives (never mind forgetting or loosing the book altogether!). With Breathe you can

 create detailed multi-depth profiles for each dive that you’ve done, allowing you to log as 

much or as little information about your dives as you want, from the basics like dive location, 

depth and time to more advanced features like adding photos and videos, ratings and 

equipment used. 

Your new digital dive log book...

...never lose your dive records again!

Breathe is fun and easy to use; with interactive elements taking the hassle out of logging

 dives. It is a beautifully designed app that divers can use whatever their ability or experience. 

You can also certify your dives with digital stamps, view your dive history both on a timeline and 

on a map, export your dives to PDF and get other great features that are only really possible

 on a digital scuba dive log, like sharing your dives with the world using social media, messaging, 

emails, and many more… With so much great content to offer, this app could be end of 

you logging your dives on paper and the start of you helping us save those trees!

Breathe comes in two versions, the basic FREE version that allows you to log your dives, anywhere, anytime (seriously, you don’t even need to be connected to the internet!); and a PRO version for subscribed users that unlocks great add-ons to the basic app.

These are ALL the features that you can get with the basic FREE version:

  • The ability to log your dives. For each dive log, you can save:

  • The name of your dive.

  • The location of your dive using coordinates

  • on a map.

  • The date and time of your dive.

  • The altitude of your dive.

  • The type of air blend you used.

  • A multi-depth dive profile, including decompression stops.

  • The type of dive you made: recreational, training or professional.

  • Your dive equipment using a dedicated interactive view.

  • Your air tank metrics.

  • Your temperature metrics.

  • The conditions of your dive, such as visibility, swell, current, water body and environment type.

  • The approach of your dive, such as entry and navigation type.

  • Environmental features, such as wreck discovery, flora and fauna metrics.

  • The dive shop name and a digital stamp to certify your dive.

  • Your rating for the dive.

  • View all your dives on a timeline with up to 6 months of history, which is the official amount of time that PADI requires before you need a refresher course.

  • Edit previously saved dives.

  • Delete previously saved dives.

  • The ability to change your unit preferences (i.e: gender for the equipment view and imperial or metric systems) to accommodate however you prefer to read your dives.

And here's what all that looks like:

Beautiful, easy to use design

Keep a comprehensive history of all your dives in one easy to access place

Detailed, but without technical jargon

View your dive logs in detail: add, edit, and delete whenever you want

Fun and interactive

Share your dive logs with your buddies via Facebook, Twitter, email, and many more

You can also subscribe to the PRO version to unlock these awesome extra features:

  • Automatic syncing with the cloud and with all your devices, so no need to worry if you drop your phone in the sea, all your logs are backed up.

  • Equipment overview that allows you to manage your equipment settings at any time.

  • Your equipment settings are now automagically saved between dives.

  • View your dive history on a timeline with no limitations as to how far back you can go.

  • View your dives on a world map.

  • Add photos and videos to your dive logs.

  • Add comments to your dive logs.

  • Add a list of buddies and instructors to your dive logs.

  • The ability to export all your dive logs to PDF in case you require to keep a paper trail.

And here's a glimpse of what that looks like:

A complete history of all your dives...EVER!

Ability to add photos and videos to your dives

Access to a complete world map of all your dive sites

Ability to edit and save dive equipment preferences quickly and easily

Ability to export your dives as PDFs to print or save

As well as automatic syncing across all your devices

It’s about time the diving industry caught up with the 21st Century. And Breathe V1.0 is only the start. We have a comprehensive roadmap for future updates lined up and we need your help to make Breathe the smartest scuba dive log on the planet! What do you have to do? Just download the FREE app and log your dives. And if you’re liking the product, why not upgrade to the Pro version to unlock great add-ons.

It will cost you less than what you are currently spending on those paper logs, for real!

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