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Who wants just bland, functional software these days? 


We create iOS apps that are compelling, charming and driven stories. 


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The smarter scuba dive log you can't lose. 

Breathe is an innovative digital scuba dive log for recreational and professional divers. Start logging your dives with Breathe!


For all those things worth waiting for. 

Waytte is neat little utility app that lets you create countdown timers for the important events in your life and allows you to share them with the people you care about.

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The shakespearean insult generator.

Shrewd! is based on Shakespeare's wittiest insults, and allows you to generate over 3.5 million Old English insults that you can use as witty comebacks or have a laugh about with friends.

Work in Progress

More apps coming soon

We are currently crunching out some new and exciting products for you all. 

What People Say

About Breathe - 

"This is such an easy and intuitive app to use. I love the interface."

About Waytte -

"The whole experience feels nothing but intuitive."

About Shrewd! -

"This is oh so awesome!"


At EPIC we strive to create engaging and elegant mobile applications for iOS devices. 

From utility apps, games to prototypes, no challenge is too big and no app is too small if the aim is to deliver maximum standards to users around the world.

We believe in apps that not only work well, but have a compelling user experience and can draw and retention attention through the smart use of aesthetic, gamified and narrativised interfaces. At EPIC we see mobile app development as an art form akin to storytelling, not just a form of engineering. This is a place where we want to write compelling, charming and driven stories.


After all, who wants just bland, functional software these days? 

If you interested in our work, please have a look at our sister company Lion Tech

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